7 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

Replacing your windows can be a very useful home improvement that can improve your houses overall appearance as well as save you money on your utilities. While there are some telltale signs your house is in need of windows replacements, there are a few signs that may be hiding right under your nose. Perhaps may have been ignoring these signs for months or even years but alas, it is time to face the music and replace your windows.

1. Rising Heating and Cooling Costs

Inefficient windows can run your heating and cooling bills up extremely high. While there are many factors that play into differences in your utility bills, you should try to address it before it continues to climb. A whopping 25% of heat loss in the winter can go straight out your windows each year.


This can also lead to heat gain through the windows in the summer of up to 60%. Replacing your older single paned windows can reduce this loss dramatically. Looking for energy efficient options when getting new windows will lead to even higher savings.

2. “I See the Light”

If you are living in a very old house and the original windows are still installed, chances are they have visible leaks. On very sunny days during sunrise or sunset, you can see little peaks of light around the window frames. To examine these cracks better you can grab a flashlight and a friend.

Have an assistant stand outside of the window and shine the flashlight around the edges of the windows. Some of these visible cracks can be patched with caulking. Keep in mind, however, that this is just a band-aid over the bigger problem.

3. Excess Street Noise

It’s not like you hate the sound of the children playing on your street or the gentle hum of cars zooming past- but imagine what it would be like without those noises. You can create a more peaceful house by installing thicker noise reduction windows. If you have grown sick of the excess noise traveling from outside to inside your home in may be time for an upgrade.

Triple-paned windows are the best for noise reduction as they place the most glass between you and the noise. There are also specialty noise reduction windows you can purchase if this is a huge concern of yours.

4. Condensation Building on Windows

Have you noticed some moisture building on the inside of your windows? This dewiness or condensation is caused by the temperature difference between your window pane on the inside vs the outside.

Not only is the condensation unsightly but it can lead to warping of wooden windows allowing cracks to form for air to leak out- or in. Newer windows do not suffer from this symptom as they have proper thickness and multiple layers of glass that provide an airtight barrier between you and the outside.

5. Damaged Caulking

Another visual indicator or the need to replace your windows can be peeling or chipping caulking. Caulk is a sealant used to fill those tiny gaps between the window frame and wall as well as other joints around the windows.

Damage to caulking is inevitable over time. This can be from the effects of the heating and cooling of the material, as well as general wear and tear from opening and closing the windows.

Even the shifting of the ground can cause the caulking seal to be broken. Caulk is what gives your windows an airtight seal to the house and if the caulking is damaged the seal is no longer airtight and you can be losing precious heating and cooling.

6. Fading Carpet and Furniture

Is your carpet not as vibrant as you once remember it to be? This may not be just the normal wear and tear. In fact, single pane windows provide little to no UV protection. This means it’s almost the same as your furniture and carpet being directly exposed to the sun’s harmful rays.

Investing in new windows is not only an investment for your windows health but the health of your belongings as well. Without proper protection, your couch, family photos, and precious knick-knacks can be susceptible to long-term damage and color fading. Protect your belongings with UV conscientious windows designed to minimize exposure to the sun.

7. Drafts

By the time you get to this symptom, your windows have already reached a point of needing replacements. Drafts are extremely uncomfortable and can catch you and your house guests off guard. These pesky drafts do not give off the feeling of an inviting, comfortable home. Whether they are caused by cracks in the caulking, frame, or the window pane itself, you need to replace the window to save from wasting money.

Don’t stress yourself out trying to figure out where to find replacement windows. You have enough details to worry about regarding what style and build of windows you want, with the features that will suit your needs best. The professionals at Thompson Creek can help you narrow down your decision and ensure proper installation. Give them a call today and take a step towards a happier, more comfortable home.

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