6 Common Gardening ProblemsAndHow To Overcome Them

You see your friend’s garden and get so amazed that you too wish to grow such a beautiful garden around your own house. However, keep in mind that gardening is quite challenging.

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While you can get professional gardening services Maroubra by Amico and create a mind-blowing garden and landscapes, further you need to maintain them well so as to keep them looking beautiful always.

You can grow beautiful plants, arrange colourful flowers and foliage in an attractive manner, create lovely pathways and other structures in the garden and take quite a few efforts.

However, you can go through certain gardening problems and if you don’t know about them, you may get disheartened. The team of Amico’s landscape gardeners Sydney give valuable information about common gardening problems and their solutions.

1. Excessive Watering

If you live in a region which receives a lot of rain, you cannot control this. However, it can affect your plants. Some of the best things you can do in such a condition are:

  • Get your soil checked before planting. Even you can check your soil by picking a large soil clump in your fist and squeeze it. If water oozes out, the soil is excessively wet. To fix the issue, let the soil dry out for a few days and then aerate it.
  • Search online or visit your local nursery to find which plants need a lot of water and thrive the best in wet conditions. You will find a lot of them and you can create a great garden with them.

2. Scarcity of Water

If your garden’s soil is too dry, that is also not good for gardening. Too dry soil cannot take water properly and it will just roll off. Your soil should be soft and crumbly.

As you know that too dry soil cannot produce a nice harvest, you need to keep sufficient water in it. A great idea in such a situation is to add water and organic humus so that the soil will retain the right amount of moisture.

Here too you can look for plants that thrive well in dry conditions and make the dry soil work for you to create an amazing garden.

3. Good or Bad Soil

As mentioned earlier, you need to test your soil before planting. It will show you if it lacks minerals or other nutrients. You can also come to know if you can add something to the ground to grow healthy plants.

You can test the soil at home with a kit or take it to your local gardening authority or even a nursery or store to get it tested. Once you know the type of your soil, you can make it optimally ideal for growing plants you want.

4. Black Spots

Black spots are a quite common problem, especially in hot and humid climates. This is a type of fungus that forms black spots (and so is the name) on leaves.

Roses are more affected by this fungus than other plants. It can be eliminated by a fungicide.

5. Excessive Use of Fertiliser

Adding too much of fertiliser can also be harmful for your garden. If your garden is suffering from fertiliser burn, you can just flush the soil out with water.

A best way is to use an organic fertiliser like animal waste compost.

6. Excessive Growth of Moss

There is no doubt that moss is a great decorative element. However, sometimes it can cause havoc to your garden.

If you have a lot of moss in your garden, it means that your soil is too acidic. In that case, you should balance your soil pH by adding wood ash to it.

Also make sure your garden receives a lot of direct sun as moss cannot survive in bright sunny conditions.

Image Courtesy: amico.com.au

Thus, if you learn to overcome common gardening problems, you too can enjoy a lovely well-maintained garden and feel proud of it.

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