5 Things You’ll Have to Fix Before Selling Your Home

Over the years, you may have overlooked some of your house’s little quirks, like the leaky pipe in the basement or the sagging gutter by the garage. But once you decide to put your home on the market, those little quirks might suddenly become a pretty big deal. You already know that some minor cosmetic repairs might make the place more appealing to potential buyers. But what you may not realize is that some repairs are often required after the inspection. And some may be just plain deal-breakers for the buyer. Here are some common repairs that should always be made before you try to sell your house.


One of the most crucial things you should have inspected is your home’s foundation. Not only can a faulty foundation cause cosmetic damage, such as cracks and crumbling, it can also cause major structural damage that leads to leaks and deterioration. Talk to a basement foundation repair expert to find out whether you have a problem that needs fixing. If you contact them early on, they can help you stabilize your foundation before any major cause for concern occurs.

Doors and windows

Speaking of foundations, sagging doors and unsealed windows could be a sign that major repair is necessary. Or they could just be a symptom of age and weather-related warping. Either way, if they are leaking air or moisture, new window and door installation could be essential. Aside from the cosmetic concerns of badly sealed or cracked doors and window frames, are the concerns for damages that could be caused by water leaks.

These leaks also often cause inefficiency in your heating and air systems, which will show up when potential buyers look at previous utility bills. And according to Kiplinger, energy efficiency is one of the main things home buyers are looking for. Installing energy efficient doors and windows could be the best thing you can do to move your house off the market.


A leaking roof can cause far more damage to your home than just water stains and peeling paint. A major concern for a home with a leaky roof is mold. And exposure to mold can cause some serious health problems. While some people are not affected at all, others may experience symptoms such as coughing, skin irritation, stuffy noses, or even lung disease. Aside from that, prolonged exposure to moisture can weaken your home’s structure, cause drywall to deteriorate, rot wood, and short-circuit wiring.


Droopy siding and chipping paint may not be mandatory repair items on the list, but they are important if you want your house to sell. Damaged siding and chipping paint makes the house look as if it isn’t well-kept, even if everything else is in tip-top shape. If your siding needs to be updated or if you’re thinking of changing the look, contact a good siding contractor to help you make that change. Or if it’s simply your paint that needs to be updated, don’t try to do the job yourself. It’s best to contact someone who does exterior house painting in Massachusetts.

Getting your house ready to sell usually requires much more assessment than just cosmetic. Although little touches and spruced up paint jobs can make the house more appealing, it’s the major problems with a home that can make or break the deal. But whether you are ever planning to sell your home or not, keeping these items at the top of your list, checking them yearly, and making repairs while they are still minor could save you a ton of money in the long run.

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