5 Cosy Colour Schemes for the Seasons Ahead

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As the weather turns from bright and sunny to chilly and gloomy, there’s no avoiding the fact that the colder weather is on its way – and that means getting ready for the colder months ahead. For many of us, this simply means switching up our wardrobes, but the transition from summer to autumn can also extend to your home interior design, too.

While the hues of summer were all about bright, vibrant colours and jungle fever and exotic style, autumn/winter is looking to be more focused on creating cosy, luxurious and sensuous interiors that make you feel warm – regardless of the weather outside. Today, we’re going to be taking you through 5 cosy colour schemes for the season ahead – to help you say goodbye to summer and hello to the latter part of 2018.

1. Wonderful winter greys

Our love for grey hasn’t diminished, but what is surprising is that in a season marred by typically bleak British weather, it’s still one of autumn/winter’s coolest trends. Tipped as the go-to neutral palette, grey definitely doesn’t have to be dull or uninspiring. Whether you’re looking to give your bathroom an industrial vibe or add a classic feel to your living room or bedroom, incorporating grey hues into your walls and accents can work wonders in creating a cosy haven when it’s cold outside. Think smoky greys, silver birch and even dark ash hues that bring depth and atmosphere. Teamed with white and cream, you’ll be able to achieve a light and clean aesthetic or make a real statement by contrasting it with brighter colours.

2. The jewels in the crown

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As the wind and rain lashes down outside, you’ll no doubt want to feel snug and cosy indoors – and with a touch of jewel-inspired shades, you can do just that. Autumn and winter are very much about opulence – featuring deep, rich colours like ruby red, plum, dark purple, teals and terracottas. Best used as accents to avoid being overbearing, you can add a regal and warm aesthetic to any room in your home with these stunning tones. Why not create a cosy and sumptuous haven to unwind in with velvet cushions, satin sheets and wool throws in your bedroom?

3. Beautiful blushing pinks

If you’re looking to add a splash of colour but aren’t quite ready for the bolder colours above, then there’s good news: blush pink is back. With soft, rosy tones, on-trend blush pink is taking over from ‘millennial pink’, to become the colour of the season – and there’s so much you can do with it, too. From blush pink furniture to tableware, cushions and curtains, you can add pretty charm and cheer throughout your home this winter – especially when paired with contrasting colours and vintage trinkets.

This shade works well in the bathroom to give the space a warm vibe – you could pair it with a brand new shower head to really accentuate your morning shower routine even on the coldest of mornings.

4. Fabulous forest greens

Image: Pexels

Our love of nature-inspired interior design definitely isn’t waning as we head into the winter months. And despite the leaves changing colour outside, inside, homes are turning to green to add a little warmth in the cooler months. Dark pine hues and striking forest greens are just the thing for creating a rustic and homely aesthetic to get through the winter. This colour scheme is proving particularly popular with furnishings right now. From dark green kitchen cabinets to bright green fabric chairs, green can be beautifully complemented by wood, leather and earthy tones with brass and cream accents.

5. Brilliant blues

Image: Pixabay

Often considered a cool colour, blue may not be your first choice for a winter warmer – but like grey, it’s also proving to be a mainstay as we move from summer to winter. From dark midnight blues and rich teals to pale bluey-greys, the variety of shades available will guarantee you’ll find a hue to help you create a stylish and calming winter retreat. As a versatile colour, blue can be used almost anywhere in your home – whether you experiment with blue bathrooms wall tiles, smarten up your lounge with a dark blue feature wall or stay bang on trend with a midnight blue velvet reading chair.

Whatever colour scheme appeals to your tastes, there are plenty of ways you can achieve a cosy and warm look this winter. Embrace a fresh palette throughout your home by using colourful bathroom tiles to create a consistent theme or simply switch up soft furnishings in your most used rooms to make a visual impact – the choice is yours.

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