4 Important Factors When Buying Fabric Beds

Many people consider, their bedroom to be their sanctuary and their bed to be the most important piece of furniture in that sanctuary. If you are deciding to redesign your bedroom and want to include the use of a fabric bed there are a number of important factors to consider. When designing a bedroom, the emphasis should be placed on comfort.

A fabric bed is functional, stylish, and comfortable. It will also be able to offer features which are unmatched by traditional beds. A perfect fabric or upholstered bed can transform your entire bedroom, turning it into a sophisticated, modern bedroom.

Fabric Bed Size

Fabric beds are available in a variety of sizes. One of the most important considerations in purchasing a fabric bed is determining which size bed and mattress would be best for a room. This can easily be determined by basing the mattress size off of the number of people using the room. Other considerations include the size of the room, as well as personal preference. Keep in mind that placing a large bed in a small room could be overwhelming and you risk your bed disappearing into its surroundings if you choose a smaller bed in a large room.

Fabric Bed Style

Choosing the style of a fabric bed is entirely based on personal preference as well as the design of the bedroom. In most cases, the bed would be the focal point of the bedroom. Also, remember that you will need to allow for additional or reduced space if you are adding any of the following:

No Headboard

A fabric bed without a headboard offers a very simplistic look.


The headboard is the statement-making piece of the bed and becomes the focus of the bedroom.


Sleigh beds are the style of bed with both a headboard and footboard.


Some fabric beds offer utility along with comfort and style.

Fabric Bed Frame Material

Fabric beds are made from various materials. A fabric bed is typically manufactured from wood which is then covered with an upholstered fabric. You might also find that larger beds are fitted with bedposts and center support. One of the key elements to pay attention to is the type of wood from which the bed frame is made. Make sure that you are buying a fabric bed made from strong wood. Some of the popular upholstered fabrics include faux leather, chenille, suede, vinyl, and linens. When making your choice, always consider the fabric’s impact on the appearance in the room.

Fabric Bed Colour

The color of the fabric bed will be based on the upholstered fabric. Some of the most popular colors include black, cream, charcoal, and brown. Since the bed is covered with an upholstered fabric, the color options are endless. There are a handful of manufacturers that allow the buyer to design their own fabric bed by offering them a choice of fabric types and colors.

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