3 Big Kitchen Backsplashes Ideas

One of the most important—and probably overlooked—aspects of a kitchen remodel is the presence of an excellent backsplash.  This is that section of the wall, above a countertop, which prevents water and other spills from staining the wall. It prevents messes, essentially.  In addition, though, the Carreaux Metro tiles backsplash can also add a much needed aesthetic aspect to your kitchen, as well as uniformity.  

Of course, you could opt for a simple backsplash option. These would, essentially, continue with the same material as the countertop for just a few inches off the countertop.  This is practical, sure, but there are lots of other ways to install a backsplash, which could give your kitchen some pop, some character.

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Most of the time, a traditional kitchen backsplash would run from the countertop to the bottom of the cupboards/cabinets.  This lining would run the full length of the countertop, of course, usually between 6 and 12 inches in height.

Over the past few years, though, we have seen new interest in backsplashes that reach higher and higher.  In some modern kitchens you can even find kitchen backsplashes of ceiling height. It is not a common aesthetic yet, but it is certainly becoming more popular.  Most often, this aesthetic is used to highlight one area of a kitchen or to shift a focal point that unites different elements into one flowing concept. For these reasons, mosaics and colorful tiles are often a part of the design.


If you know anything about kitchen design/remodel you probably know that subway tiles have long been a popular kitchen backsplash option.  Over the past couple years, though, we have seen this particular dynamic shift a little: Instead of the standard 3” x 6” subway tile dynamic, people seem to be opting more often for the bolder, larger 3” x 9” format or even the 4” x “12” format.  


For an even more unique kitchen backsplash design, you could consider metallic finished tiles or mirrored tiles.  These are surprisingly subtle, used more often to capture and reflect natural light in a smaller space. Of course, they can also help to make that small space seem bigger.  Mirrored finishes are more effective for creating that spacious feel while the metallic finishes will provide similar effect with less glare from sunlight refraction. And since these are finishes, you can also often still choose these in a variety of colors.  

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